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Aquarium de Vannes

Take advantage of your stay at Hôtel Manche Océan to visit the Aquarium de Vannes.

New activities await you to discover the animals of the Aquarium de Vannes in a different way and live a unique experience.

Have you always wondered how the caretakers take care of the different fish and animals on a daily basis? What if your children had a unique experience in the company of healers as close as possible to local and tropical species such as the famous Eleanore Nile crocodile, sharks or turtles? Discover the different activities offered by the Aquarium de Vannes.

Animal feeding

The must-attend animal events continue throughout the year. You will also have the opportunity to observe the Nile crocodile, green turtles, black tip sharks or even rays, dogfish, bamboo sharks feed with all the explanations of healers and biologists.

The tactile basin

The tactile basin is an animation where the local species of the Gulf of Morbihan are presented. You will touch species such as spiders, dogfish, starfish and lobsters. An original opportunity to discover and get to know the species that surround us. The Aquarium of Vannes offers a showcase on the underwater life of the Gulf.

Caretaker for a day

This new activity is reserved for children aged 6 to 15 every Wednesday, except during school holidays. In groups of 5, they will accompany one of the healers for an afternoon. This will be an opportunity to prepare animal feed and to better understand the food chain in the seas and oceans. Feeding crocodiles, sharks and turtles will provide children with unforgettable memories. To better understand how an aquarium works and the physiological needs of the species, a tour of the technical galleries will be an exceptional educational support. They will also be able to discover the fascinating properties of certain species in camouflage or any other defensive ploy.

More than just an animation

Beyond a playful moment, this animation is built as an experience that will make it possible to raise children's awareness of the protection of the seas and oceans. During the explanations given by the trainers, the impact of man on the environment will be discussed in order to encourage children to consider ways of preserving nature on a daily basis.

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